9 Easy Downsizing Ideas to Declutter Your Space

9 Easy Downsizing Ideas to Declutter Your Space

Whether you’re moving into a smaller space or you just need to declutter, check out our list of quick and easy downsizing home ideas.

Having moved from a 5,000 square-foot house to a 400 square-foot RV, I know a thing or two about downsizing. Chances are, your situation isn’t as drastic as that, but we can all use some quick and easy tips for downsizing.

Even if you aren’t moving into a smaller space, there are still a lot of benefits to downsizing. A clean and organized space reduces anxiety, improves self-esteem, and can even uncover lost treasures!

Ready to get started?

Quick and Easy Downsizing Ideas

1. Start by Putting Like Items Together

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you have. Get all of your hats together, find all your shoes, and gather other things together that might be stored in different places throughout your home. Once you see how many black shirts you have, it is much easier to pick your favorites and donate the rest.

2. Ask Yourself This Question

Not sure if something is worth hanging on to? Ask yourself, “If I was moving out of state, would this be worth bringing?” Regardless of whether or not you are moving, asking yourself this question can help put things in perspective. Would it be worth the space in the truck? Do you really think you’ll ever use it again?

3. Let Your Space Determine How Much You Need to Downsize

Closet overflowing? You don’t have to get rid of EVERYTHING. Pull everything out, group like items together, and then look at your space to see how many hats/purses/shirts/shoes/etc. you have space for.

If your shoe rack holds 10 pairs of shoes, pick your 10 favorites and donate or discard the rest. Want to keep more? That’s OK too. Get another shoe rack, but remember that this will take up space that you won’t be able to use for something else.

4. Think about the People You Know

Spend a moment to think about the people that you know and what types of things they might need or want. Is your friend’s son moving out on their own? Look though your kitchen stuff for things they might need. Just don’t be offended if they decline. Everyone has their own taste. While it is bagged up, it is easy to just take it to the donation center.

5. Downsize by Volume

Every item in your home takes up space. It sounds obvious, but you have to remember that every item you buy will take up x amount of space that might be better used by something else. To keep your place clutter-free, try donating or discarding something of equal volume every time you buy something.

6. Always Have a Donation Box in Progress

I have a donations box in my closet at all times that I am constantly adding to. It sits there until it is full and then I put it in my trunk for the next time I am near the donation center.

7. Downsize as You Fold Laundry

Folding laundry is the perfect time to downsize your clothing. Notice that shirt was getting too small? Fold it and put it in the donation box. Have a hole in your sock? Toss it before it goes back in your sock drawer.

8. Digitize Your Documents

Instead of keeping piles of paperwork and boxes of files, consider scanning and storing important documents in a digital format. This will not only save space but also make it easier to access and organize your files.

9. Downsize While You Clean

Cleaning can be a great opportunity to downsize and declutter your home. As you tidy up each room, take a critical look at what you own and ask yourself if you really need or use each item. As an added bonus, downsizing while you tidy up goes a long way towards helping you keep your home clean.

Happy Downsizing!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for downsizing. The key is to remember that just because you’ve gone through things once, doesn’t mean you are finished forever. Continually look for things to add to your donation box, and reduce your buying so that you don’t get over-cluttered again.

Remember that everything you buy needs a home. So, if you can’t think of where to put it, don’t buy it!

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