9 Bright Ideas for Getting Out of a Funk

9 Bright Ideas for Getting Out of a Funk

Feeling like you’re in a funk? Looking for ways to lift your spirits? Check out these ideas for getting out of a funk.

We all have times when we’re feeling down and thing just aren’t quite right. It could be a couple of days or a week or two or longer. If it lasts too long, be sure to consult a professional or at least let your friends and family know that you need help.

In the meantime, here are some ideas for ways to get out of a funk.

Ideas for Getting Out of a Funk

1. Text Something Funny to a Friend

Just the process of searching for something funny can help brighten your spirits. Think about what your friend would find amusing and then do a search. If they’re into dogs, try searching for, “Funny dog memes” or “Funny dog cartoons”.

2. Throw Yourself a Pity Party

When your brain starts focusing on the negative, try throwing yourself an imaginary pity party. What kind food would they serve at a pity party? What about the music? This can be a fun way to get your mind off of negative thoughts. (I find myself using this one a lot.)

3. Watch Funny YouTube Videos

You can never go wrong with watching funny YouTube videos. Pick a theme, like cats or fails, and do a quick search. Hint…You may want to set a timer for yourself, so you don’t spend all afternoon watching videos!

4. Create Something

Get your creative juices flowing by making something! Draw something, write a poem, paint rocks, or something that will distract you from your funk. Hint…If you have kids, raid their toys and craft supplies. Sometimes, making a pipe-cleaner flower is just what the doctor ordered.

5. Put a Positive Spin on Yesterday

Make a list of things you did yesterday. Then, next to each one, put a positive spin on it. For example:

  • Went to Work – Made enough money to pay the bills and got to spend time with people I like at work.
  • Made Dinner – It was much healthier and cheaper than eating out.
  • Watched TV – Got to escape for a little bit.

6. Listen to or Watch Stand-Up Comedy

Watching or listening to stand-up comedy is another great idea for getting out of a funk. I used to look on YouTube, but I have a hard time sitting still sometimes. Then, I discovered that you can listen to stand-up comedy for free on Spotify, Pandora, etc. Now, I can do the dishes while I listen. Just search for your favorite comedian or look for “clean comedy” or whatever.

7. Clean and Organize Your Space

Cleaning and organizing is a great way to get out of a funk because it gets your brain focused on something else AND a clean space will always lift your spirits. Pick a space where you spend a lot of time so that you will see the rewards every time you go into that room. Then, put on some music or a podcast or whatever, and get to work!

8. Get Some Sunshine

Sunlight is good for the soul. Weather permitting, go outside and get a little sun. (Not too much or wear sunblock!)

Go for a walk around the neighborhood, pull some weeds in your garden, or just sit outside and read a magazine.

9. Set a Small Goal for Yourself and Accomplish It

Goals don’t have to be big for you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete it. Give yourself a time limit (30-60 minutes), think of a goal that you can accomplish in that amount of time, and “get’er done”.