Great Product Ideas: Perfect Eggs Every Time

Great Product Ideas: Perfect Eggs Every Time

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets and definitely qualifies as a great product idea. There has never been an easier way to get perfect boiled eggs.

I discovered this handy kitchen gadget many years ago, and I am just as enthralled with it today as I was when I first bought it.

There is no timer to set or batteries or anything like that. You just throw it in the water with your eggs, and it will auto-magically darken from the outside in to show you how cooked the eggs are.

I honestly have no clue how it works…It just does, and it is amazing! Check out the product photos below and learn more on Amazon.

Hint: These are great for gift baskets, stocking stuffers for adults, and “just thinking of you” gifts. 😉

What Makes This Egg Timer a Great Product Idea?

This simple egg timer qualifies as a great idea because…

  • It is inexpensive and totally worth the money
  • It doesn’t use batteries
  • It couldn’t be easier to use
  • It is small (the size of an egg), so it doesn’t take up much room
  • It perfectly solves a problem

Learn more or buy this amazing egg “timer” on Amazon >>